My Information Text

      I was born in İzmir/Turkey in 1989. I studied Business Administration at Dokuz Eylül University (Izmir/TURKEY) and gained my BA degree in August 2012. Since then, I completed a MBA degree in London, where I graduated from the Glyndwr University MBA Healthcare Management Program in April 2015. This postgraduate programme gave me an effective academic background and expertise about business and economics of healthcare.

      During my time at MBA period, I contributed to many projects about marketing, management and healthcare. From these projects, I gained problem solving and communication skills and furthered my interest for leadership and effective management for healthcare.

      The most significant project has been my Master dissertation which was about the medical tourism situation of Turkey - “CRITICALLY EVALUATION OF MEDICAL TOURISM SERVICES IN TURKEY”. This allowed me to understand the key dynamics about medical tourism and hospital management.

      When I returned my country following the conpletion of my MBA, I started working as an international patient and medical tourism director in a private hospital. Due to this job experience, I have combined my academic knowledge with practical experience.

     I am always looking to continuously improve my management skills for healthcare. I have long term and short terms projects and ideas about medical tourism, international patient management and international marketing for healthcare.