6 P of the Medical Tourism


Product (Services)
The core medical tourism product is medical treatment & surgery. The most popular branch is the plastic and esthetic surgery, and eye-vision health. The other facilities of the medical tourism products are accommodation, transportation, and insurance services. Numbers of hospitals in Turkey has a medical tourism division to ensure the highest quality for non-medical facilities of medical travelling.

The significant advantage of the medical tourism is the cost differences exist between Turkey and other developed countries. The private hospitals in Turkey offer international patients ultra-competitive price advantages. While they are focusing on the competitive prices for medical tourism, the medical quality is not disregarded at the hospitals.

Turkey has been becoming a popular medical tourism destination. Many private hospitals have located in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir or Antalya and  they are the most popular and traditional medical centres in Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

Different websites and databases are promoting medical tourism throughout the world. The private medical providers have already started to join these promotion channels. English websites, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, other social media channels, and brochures (face to face communication) are playing major roles in promoting medical tourism for hospitals. Also Turkish Government has supported medical providers for medical tourism.

About 200.000 patients visit Turkey for medical reasons. Most of them prefer İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, and Antalya. The professional and well educated Doctors and staff at hospitals in Turkey can offer first class medical assistance to international patients wishing to visit Turkey for their health care.

Physical Evidence
The hospitals in Turkey have modern sick rooms, polyclinics, high bed capacities with expert doctors and personels. The hospitals also have medical branches across Turkey, which provides a wide range of medical treatments for national and international patients.