General Information

The tourism mentality has been changing in the world in recent years. Medical tourism has been getting an important part of alternative tourism. Travelling around for medical treatment has become far more common in recent years. Medical tourisms is a kind of alternative tourism. Medical tourism is simply where and when patients travel overseas to take advantage of medical treatments which are not available or easily accessible at home. Medical tourism can be defined as the cooperation of the tourism industry with medicine to provide patients who need surgical or other special medical care with cost effective solutions. It is also including medical operations, various invasive therapies and medical imagining techniques. Tourism term has involved moving a different place to pleasure and relaxation. Also the meaning of medical is treatment or protecting from illnesses. Therefore, medical tourism term is covering the right definition.
Medical tourism has become more important for seven main reasons:

1- disappointment with medical treatments at home

2- lack of access to health care at reasonable cost, time or sympathetic context

3- inadequate insurance and income to pay for local health care

4- the increasing of high quality medical care in developing countries

5- uneven legal and ethnic responses to complex health issues

6- mobility

7- growing demand for cosmetic industry.
The main sources of such tourists that many medical tourists have been gone to developing countries from developed countries. The most popular main destinations are Asian countries. The countries have the privatization of health care economy, the growing technology, effective health resources, globalization of health care and tourism mentality and top quality services mentality.

The trendiest countries are India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Costa Rica. Especially, India and Thailand are the top of the list. Most of these countries are developing and Asian countries. Also Turkey becomes a popular destination for medical services. Even though it is still in the middle part of the popular destination list, the attain of the European medical tourist number has been still increasing.
In a health care system, there are many service providers. Their quality standard has to be protected with some accreditations and international certificates. One of the main reasons for choosing a medical tourism destination has been high quality of the country or the clinic. Quality is a critical point, because many patients have preferred the medical tourism option has concerned only quality. Thus, they look for higher quality health care services than the services at their home. Pressures on health services on developed countries have increased so standards of health care in developing countries have also increased. This is providing the popularity of the Asian Countries in the medical tourism area. In the least developed countries, standards of health care are poor while it can be compared to popular medical destinations. We can surely say that the medical provider companies become international and developing at the Asian destinations.